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The Jonathan.Foundation® stands for sustainable cultural change in learning and life in society and in the economy.

Pioneering pilot projects


We want to work with people and companies who want to leave a lasting mark on this planet.



Once such levers have been found, Jonathan.Foundation® initiates trend-setting pilot projects with the involvement of associated "counselors" - people with personal commitment to the matter and expertise in the field to be worked on.


The knowledge that is now available to us is unique in its type, form and concentration.


The focus of all interest is always man and nature as a common unity of diversity of all being.


Such projects are financed at the usual rates for coaching. However, both the counselor and the project beneficiary donate 10% of the project costs to the foundation. On the part of the project participants, however, only if the jointly defined success actually occurs (success fee).



Man's foray into the “triumphant march” of the mind has made him forget what he has long been and still is - a spiritual being who has a human experience - and learns natural wisdom in the process.



The Jonathan.Foundation® uses the donations exclusively for (field) research in the field of cultural change in society and companies or for the development of our future, our children, adolescents and young adults.


The Jonathan.Foundation® uses ancient, natural human knowledge that rests in us all and unconsciously guides us. It makes this knowledge and this wisdom visible and usable in methods and techniques that correspond to today's knowledge and skills.


The Jonathan.Foundation® also trains selected experts with innovative, trend-setting and extremely effective techniques to become “Natural Knowledge Counselors (NKC)”. Only NKC are authorized to lead projects on behalf of the Foundation.



Goodwill alone is only enough for a limited time - because the "viruses" in our secret "backpacks" are numerous.



When projects fail, they regularly fail where the so-called "soft factor" human being with its system-internal "viruses" plays a predominant role - practically always at the same "breaking point".

Even if, as in the case of marriages, for example, there is initially enormous goodwill, half of all marriages still fail - not infrequently also due to the influence of family members who have married you.


It is no different in organizations and companies. Here, too, the boss and employees first decide on "engagement" and then on "marriage" - and in addition to the "viruses" they bring with them, a "family" is "forcibly" married ".


So why should the forecasts turn out differently here than in private marriages, when a “divorce” is even easier here by simply giving notice?



Our minds make us believe that we are rational. Unfortunately he is wrong - as is so often the case.



In order to bring movement into such cases and to find peace-building solutions or even to have a prophylactic effect, we use ancient, inherent natural abilities, intuitive solution mechanisms and innovative decision-making techniques - all adapted to the 21st century.


Why is this useful and, above all, more effective than mentally oriented techniques, such as "positive thinking"?


What is THE triggering factor behind it all?


A completely natural process that is overlooked because we are caught up in a widespread misconception - namely that we, as rational beings, make decisions with our intellect. It is correct that more than 80% of our decisions are based on feelings and intuitions.





In all of us there is an ancient wisdom that has been repressed by the mind - an infinite number of generations of experience - stored in cells and emotions.



Decisions based on reason and understanding are clearly outnumbered. According to research results from renowned neurobiologists such as Prof. Dr. Dr. Roth are max. 20% of all decisions are made with the mind.


A number of researchers even concluded from their experiments that humans merely sanction ALL decisions retrospectively through the mind.


Conversely, this statement means: decisions are essentially made differently - intuitively and emotionally on the basis of some age-old, traditional life experiences without which humanity would not have survived.


Obviously, these experiences are stored as natural knowledge and are still effective today because they ensure survival as an individual and as a group.



Not back to the “good” old times, but forwards - to the good new times.



The question that arises is what should be done so that important resources are not lost?


What could be more natural than to research this natural knowledge and make it safely usable? And so consciously create an intuitive addition to the widespread, one-sided, purely rational thinking?


This is where the Jonathan.Foundation® sees its priority tasks:


  • Finding leverage through field research

  • (Re) discover natural knowledge and wisdom

  • Research in pilot projects how this can be used peacefully and truly for the upcoming cultural change

  • The cultural change is accompanied by Natural Knowledge Counselors

  • Show prospects to children and young adults

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