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Culture change in learning and living with natural knowledge and inner wisdom - focused on people and nature



Jonathan. Foundation


Appreciate, serve, protect and create in the sense of creation


To recognize the signs of the times, you not only need experts, but also visionaries.


The Jonathan.Foundation® sifts through information from all over the world in an intuitive and factual manner and tracks trends. To this end, we not only engage special people, but also use special, proprietary procedures such as natural knowledge techniques and metaphysical methods.


We strive to see the world through the eyes of the seagull Jonathan. Not only exciting, but instructive and fascinating at the same time. We are excited to advise from this point of view too - we call this Counseling the Topics of Now.


The latest trend: everything is being put to the test, every stone is turned over and the world is evolving into a version 2.0.



AVAAZ and its members, to which I belong, are for me a symbol for free, lived, democratic and powerful expression of will of the 99%.



A movement can currently be seen worldwide. More and more people are looking for a change in the culture of togetherness. This became clearly visible for the first time in the "Arab Spring" and now intensified in the Corona crisis.

But not only on a large scale, but also on a small scale, in organizations and companies. Favored by demographic change, more and more employees in the "Old World" are demanding more space for their personal work-life balance and are usually given it. And an emerging "Generation Y" asks more and more why something is happening and how.

Another expression of this movement are associations of like-minded people via the Internet, such as AVAAZ - with an exponential influx. In these media, the will to change issues in societal conflict is expressed in a peaceful and democratic way.


If you focus on people and their talents, all symptoms such as stress, burnout, internal resignation etc. disappear.

He no longer works, he lives his work, with all the advantages that this has for him and society.



The Jonathan.Foundation® wants to actively promote and accelerate peaceful development with expertise. Its goal is a sustainable cultural change in society, companies and organizations.


Her focus is on people and their future - our children. At the same time, however, the focus is also on an intact nature, without which humans cannot survive.

Our credo: We are committed to natural global thinking - to consciously and authentically live the unity of all people and their bond with nature - a colorful world in which people can develop in all their diversity.

From this perspective, we undertake extensive field research, mainly in the hot spots of society, in search of the greatest possible levers for cultural change.


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