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What do you get personally from the fact that we exist? How can you WORK? Find out together with us!



The world is changing whether you want it or not. A major reason for this is that every second we find ourselves in a learning process that changes both ourselves and our surroundings. Human is constantly learning.

As a myriad of quanta we are what mystics have long been saying: a drop in the ocean and the ocean itself. Without you, without each individual, the world would no longer be the same. We are the flapping of the wings of a butterfly in the Amazon, causing a hurricane.

As such a being, you can move a lot inside and outside the foundation and experience personal benefits. You can be an avid part of this movement that is changing the world. And thereby

  • Be a member of a #swarm group and bring our model projects into being or launch one,

  • Participate in a #learning location or a #CoGrowing network or create one yourself,

  • Participate in a special-purpose company that develops our model projects, or found such a company yourself,

  • Initiate and / or accompany initiatives,

  • take on a role as an expert / counselor within an advisory functional #group,

  • WORK as a wise man in various # councils,

  • or find and live your very own role.

Are you ready? - Then get in touch - and do yours!

As who or what do you personally want to live your highest possible expression?



Find out with us and live your role, your BEING - in your highest possible expression!

When we are finally allowed to live our innate role to the full and experience our highest possible expression in it, this fills us with the greatest happiness and deep satisfaction - we experience bliss.

What do we want more than BEING?

The role of your life could be your expression of the following roles:

  • #Initiator

  • #Visionary

  • #Planner

  • #Decider

  • #Conductor

  • #Pavement maker

  • #Fuller

  • #Learning assistant

  • #Counselor

  • # Council of Elders

  • #Leader

  • #Wise Council




If you focus on people and their talents, all symptoms such as stress, burnout, internal resignation etc. disappear.

He no longer works, he lives his work, with all the advantages that this has for him and society.


Active people like you who want to make a difference are always welcome at the Jonathan.Foundation®.

"Every child is a genius!" <Prof. Mikhail P. Schetinin>

Every human being, every being, has knowledge, talents and abilities. Let's find out together what defines you and then integrate it into our field.

Our focus is on people and their future - our children. At the same time, our gaze is directed towards an intact nature, without which humans cannot survive.

Our credo: We are committed to a natural "global thinking" - to consciously and authentically live the unity of all people and their connection with nature - a colorful world in which people can develop in all their diversity.

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