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"As humanity we are dependent on cooperation. How decides - it can weaken or strengthen."


The Jonathan.Foundation® was launched in 2014 by Günter Chetano Lau. It is an umbrella organization for sub-organizations, initiatives and projects worldwide.We use special methods for our internal organization and our decisions, such as:

  • District organization

  • Dragon Dreaming

  • other natural wisdom techniques

Our organization consists of # councils of elders and # wise men with assigned units, which implement the decisions and tasks.

They are supported by groups of experts who advise the # councils, #groups and other units and prepare decisions. Delegates elected from the individual units on the respective topic are sent to the group of experts. This ensures that every opinion is heard and taken into account.

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#Foundation Board

Günter Chetano Lau

Founder & President

I am a naturally-knowing and metaphysical expert and, as President, an advisor to Diana and responsible for the projects and initiatives.

I have been active in adult education and advising people and companies for decades.

My specialty: Scouting potential for unused personal shares and corporate areas. Expert for innovative, intuitive fine-tuning of the "soft factors" and for metaphysically supported empowering as an increase in motivation and ability for people and companies.

My being has already come a long way. I have experienced many ups and downs, also due to the peculiarities of my nature and my being. But also as a father of five children, two stepchildren and grandfather of two grandchildren.

I am HSP / HSS, with a talent for scanning, thinking in an interdisciplinary and pictorial way, emotionally highly sensitive and equipped with a special talent for meta-physical experiences.

In the meantime I live a very active life in simple, absolute being. In this sense, my only relevant task in this life is to be there for all living beings. That is the deeper meaning behind the establishment of the foundation.

Guiding principle: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and tougher. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to go the other way. "

<Albert Einstein>

Diana Gradehand

Financial Advisory Board

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Founder & Trustee

As the managing trustee, I lead the Foundation's activities in a feminine, spiritual way. I am mainly responsible for organization and administration

I am very aware of my inner natural knowledge and live this wisdom. My advice for people is precise and effective due to my emotional talent and my knowledge stored in images.

I myself am an "early release" of the Children of the Future (see CORE.FOUNDATION ). And I am the mother of one of these unique children - HSP, emotionally highly sensitive, highly gifted, imaginative and nature-loving like me.

I have had many positive and negative experiences through being conscious from the beginning. The human condition of my fellow human beings is therefore very familiar to me. This is very beneficial to me in my advice and in life and in the foundation.

My special passion is nature, its preservation and its sustainable cultivation for human use. I like to pass this on to others.

Guiding principle: "We cannot solve our problems with the same way of thinking that we used to create them."

<Albert Einstein>

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